My name is Mysti Knudsen and I was born in San Diego. I grew up in a small town named Oakhurst, known as the South Gate entrance to Yosemite National Park. I am currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to photography, I absolutely LOVE the outdoors and I try to adventure as much as I can. My personality is known as bubbly, kind hearted and loving. I love to snowboard, hike, paint & play sports YOU NAME IT and I could prob do it lol. I'm a suckkkkaa for some coffee, sunsets and music. A good night out with friends is a must but so is the beauty sleep haha.

It is SO dang important you choose a photographer whose work you LOVE and someone you really connect with.. Who takes the time to not only get to know you, but who also brings out the best of you in your photos The real stuff. The stuff that can't be posed. The shy giggles, the hugs that linger, the belly laughter, the happy tears and the messy, beautiful, unplanned moments.

Okay so enough about my life, this is what I feel when I take your pics

Being able to capture your best selves and freezing time for your walls set me on FIRE, though I bet you already guessed that. Your love is a story worth telling. That a cinematic and dreamy approach to creating is not fictionalizing reality, rather it is a brilliantly magical way of telling the truth. So that is what I do, I do not create the magic of your love, you have already done that so beautifully. I simply sit in awe of it, I interact with it, and then I freeze it for your walls. My artistic eye sees the dust catch in the light and immediately want to create. I get so excited when I watch a mountain sunset run its fingers through windblown hair, and the laughter that runs wild through the breeze. Life is bursting with love but hand me a camera and put me in front of two people who are madly in love, now that is the whole damnn dream.

I constantly look for the beautiful compositions and the in-between moments. Whether it's loving looks or cheeky smiles, I have joyed in taking photos since I was young, I am an everything photographer. I achieve peace and my greatest strengths are determination and persistence. It's a lifestyle approach to capturing genuine expressions, the in-between and the loving little details that often go unnoticed.